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About Me

Health is the highest good


I learned the meaning of this statement in decades of practical work in the health sector. 


After more than 20 years of hospital experience, I switched to naturopathy. With my own practice in Germany, I experienced the originally naturally effective medicine, in which I now also have been working for over twenty years.


As an alternative practitioner, I see my task as improving health and illness, as well as making healing possible. The therapy options are based on modern methods of application, individual and wide-ranging.


Education and Certifications

My educations are:

Registered Nurse

Health Professions Instructor


Instructor for Nutritional Education



Emotional code

Aroma Touch Technique

Access bars

My Philosophy is healing with alternative medicine for a holistic treatment.

My Philosophy

The therapies are selected individually in order to achieve improved well-being.

Whatever your condition or symptoms are, there is always a way to get well and feel better.

You can benefit from over 20 years of experience having my practice in Germany.

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